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2024 Linoya Annual Conference|Innovating for Growth and Transformation




The 2024 Linoya Annual Conference was held in grand style.

As time goes by, the year of 2023 has passed quietly, and the year of 2024 full of hope and challenges has come.

 Reviewing the 2023 struggle to open up the cause of the plowshare, Lead Asia to focus on "new markets, new products, new customers," the development of a concerted effort to overcome the difficulties, and work hard, and constantly strive to innovate and transform to cope with the ever-changing market environment.

Success is accompanied by hard work, and harvest is accompanied by sweat. In the past year, we have overcome obstacles and waves, and our steps forward have become firmer. Looking ahead to 2024, we will continue to ride the waves and move forward, driving growth and transformation with innovation.

On January 1, 2024, LeadAsia's annual meeting "Innovation Drives Growth and Transformation" was grandly held in LeadAsia's Chashan Park, with nearly 2,000 employees attending on-site and a warm atmosphere.

Chairman's New Year Message


Over the past year, the majority of our cadres and employees have been actively working hard, striving bravely, working hard and fighting with their backs to ensure the stability of our business fundamentals, and contributing to the growth and development of LeadAsia, here, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Standing Committee, I would like to express the most sincere gratitude and thanksgiving to all of our family members of LeadAsia!

Looking ahead to 2024:

In the new year, we will realize growth and transformation driven by innovation.
We will implement "New Markets, New Products, New Customers" to achieve sustainable growth.

Another great year in 2024

2024 LeadAsia's annual conference "Innovation for Growth and Transformation" has been a great success, the live broadcast of the conference has reached 110,000+ viewers, thanks to the participation of all LeadAsia colleagues and their families and friends, thanks to the company's leadership, the sponsorship of our suppliers and partners, and thanks to the full support of our partners from all walks of life, and thanks to the trust of our customers, which has given us confidence in the future. 2024, we will continue to drive growth and transformation with innovation to achieve further success. In 2024, we will continue to use innovation to drive growth and transformation, and to achieve further success.

We wish our family members and partners a safe year, a happy year, a dream-come-true year, and a successful year!

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